Port Overview

The port is located in the Red Sea Governorate on the western coast of the Red Sea. It is a broad bay (natural gulf) on a distance of 60 km. South of Hurgada and on a distance of 225 nm. South of Suez port. This broad bay is naturally protected from the east and the north sides by Safaga Island, and protected from the prevailing western winds by mountains. Yet, for a brief interval, it is affected by south winds (El-Azeeb) which causes disturbances and waves inside the port . The port drafts are deep, thus enabling the accommodation of large vessels.

Safaga (EGSGA) Port
Customs Facilities

Maximum Capacity 6.37 million tons/year as follows 2.2 million tons (General Cargo) 4.17 .million tons (dry bulk) 750000 passengers Max Ship Depth that can be accommodared reaches 14m.Working Hours:Throughout 24 hours.


Pilotage is compulsory. Pilots board vessels at the inner edge of the entrance channel. The port provides VHF and radar controlled pilotage. .